Carleigh Nesbit

Flower to the Bee – Producer
This is one really fine album and producer Jeff Romano deserves a good deal of credit for the sound. Twisting dials to perfection, he also as provides his own instrumental expertise while gathering a superb crew of sidemen who play together as if they had been playing together for years
–Frank Gutch Jr., Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Brady Earnhart

After You – Engineer and Co-producer
Acoustic Guitar magazine’s Elizabeth Papapetrou calls his 1998 debut After You “one of the ten best contemporary folk CD’s of the 1990s.”

 Manalapan: Engineer and Co-producer Out Music Awards’ Outstanding New Recording (2004)

Devon Sproule

Keep Your Silver Shined: Producer & Engineer

Upstate Songs: Engineer and Co-producer (Rolling Stone’s Critics Top Albums of 2003)
Keep Your Silver Shined is truly an ensemble achievement. The sheer loveliness of the melodies and lyrics is so perfectly matched to the space between instruments and understated arrangements. The record creates a place that will soothe and inspire all who enter.- Womenfolk Magazine

It’s all beautifully recorded. From the lazy jazz feel of “Let’s Go Out” with clarinet and accordion to the country blues of the title track with its pedal steel guitar, the sound is warm and intimate as if you’re in the room with the musicians. In a room with really good musicians, that is.–fRoots Magazine

Paul Curreri

From Long Gones to Hawkmoth: Engineer and Co-producer

Songs for Devon Sproule: Mixing

Are You Going to Paul Curreri: Engineering and Mixing

Spirit of the Staircase: Engineer and Co-producer
On The Spirit Of The Staircase Curreri teams up with frequent collaborator Jeff Romano, who produced and performed on Curreri’s first record, 2002’s From Long Gones To Hawkmoth (City Salvage Records). Romano, an esteemed musician and craftsman in his own right, began searching for a new variety of musical accompaniment to compliment Curreri’s lone guitar.

Old School Freight Train

Pickin’ on Ben Harper: Engineer, mix and master
Pickin’ on Wilco: Engineer, mix and master

Tom Proutt

Farm Jazz: Engineer and Co-producer

Corey Harris

Mississippi to Mali: engineer, digital editing, mixing (1 song: Charlene)
Live at Starr Hill
Mary Gordon Hall
Wine Glasses & Wooden Spoons

Terri Allard
Live From Charlottesville

Weekend at the Rocks: Editing

Jay Pun & Morwenna Lasko

Etopia: some recording; Mixing & Mastering
Bob Girard
Decline And Fall of John Q. Sportcoat
It Gets Weirder Every Year
Sun Gin Chocolate

Bahlmann Abbot

Standing Still